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Open Space presents EVER CHANGE.

Tonights show, ever changewill feature Open Space's entire professional company.  Artistic Director, Franco Nieto, will premiere his latest collaboration with the company artists.  Chicago-based choreogrpaher, Noelle Kayser will be presenting a continuation of her work, The Linemen Wright. ever change. will close with Elijah Labay's, Squeezing Honey from a Stone which recently premiered at Open Ended/Empress Archer. 

Open Space Artists // Audrey Wells, Annie Borden, Ariel Clarke, Bryaunna Kostelnik, Elise Gonsalves, Sophia Mladineo, Franco Nieto

Guests Artists // Tiernan McKay (Open Space TOO Artist) // Zoe Karamfilova, CJ Hankins (Students of the School at Open Space's Young Artists Co.)

Thank you to Oregon Contemporary for your partnership with Open Space. 

Thank you for being part of our blossoming community- we love dancing with you!

Big love,

Franco + Char + Maeve

Franco Nieto, Artistic Director

Charlene Hannibal, Co-Founder

Maeve Dougal, Co-Founder

The Lineman Wright

Concept/Direction: Noelle Kayser

Choreography: Noelle Kayser in collaboration with the Dancers

"Dreams from when I was young"


Choreography: Tiernan McKay (Open Space Too Artist)

Dancers:  CJ Hankins and Zoe Karamfilova (Young Artist Co.)


Upstairs Neighbor

Choreography: Franco Nieto in collaboration with Open Space Artists and Open Space Too


enjoy a drink in the lobby :)


Squeezing Honey from a Stone

Concept / Choreography: Elijah Labay

A reflection of self and how we present ourselves to the world. We explore the dichotomy of a hard exterior to protect ourselves and forms of inner softness, which we reserve for our relationships or self love.


Open Space Support

Galactic Guardian ($50,000+)



Supernova Sponsor ($15,000-$19,999)

Urban Cadance


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Alan and Sharon Jones

John Perry

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Dr. Jessica Nokovic

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Starstruck Specialists ($2,500-$4,999)

Katherine Disenhoff

Jared Hunt Kendal + Dorian Kendal

Allison + Peter Lyneham

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Serena Zilliacus + Pierre-Laurent Baudey


Comet Crusaders ($1,000-$2,499)

Gina Condon + Eric Cress

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Dr. Carrie + James Allison

Annie +Brad Carnese

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Donna Dresch + Sarah Bibb

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Carey + Grove Hunt

Chelsea + Gabe Heller

Anne Huffington-Carroll + Zachary Carroll

Hunt Painting

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Cosmic Crewmates ($250-$499)

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Dr. Denise + Emily Bilbao

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Ray + Darla Tomac

Jackie + Carl VanderZanden

Shannon + Erik Walcott

Lucinda Welch + Dennis Nolan

Collette and James White

Kristan Williams

Maryann Yelnosky

Space Cadet Squad ($100-$249)

Anne Barrows

Katie Bledsoe

Sali Borchman

Margot Brinkerhoff

Kimberly + Michael Chopko

Jen + Danny Clancey

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Caitlin + Zach Pickens

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Sarah + Frank Reppenhagen


White Bird

About the Choreographers + Special Guests

Franco Nieto 

Artistic Director and Co-Founder, Open Space

Princess Grace Award winner Franco Nieto was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He made the unconventional switch from football to ballet in his teenage years and has now taught and danced internationally. Nieto was a principal dancer with NW Dance Project in Portland, Oregon, where he toured the world and worked with leading minds to create countless original works. His early training came from the Vancouver School of Arts & Academics, Columbia Dance, and mentor, Tracey Durbin. He graduated from Point Park University, with his BFA in Jazz. Nieto is now Artistic Director and founder of Open Space Dance.

Noelle Kayser, Open Space Resident Choreographer 

I am an Atlanta-raised, Chicago-based interdisciplinary creative—a choreographer, dancer, actor, and sound designer. Drawing from contemporary training with a ballet foundation, I find inspiration in the play between highly specific gestures and the complete abandonment of form, all within the context of character and storytelling. Collaborating with performers, I value their individual artistic voices, lived experiences, and technical expertise as we work together to actualize the work.

The driving force behind my work is the profound desire to process, understand, and find peace in the human experience. I firmly believe in the infinite capacity of dance to forge connections and cultivate empathy within ourselves, towards others, and for our environment. Through both linear and non-linear narrative structures, I delve into personal and collective histories, exploring the nuanced layers of our shared existence. Additionally, I am intrigued by the intersection of non-fiction and fantastical elements, weaving together elements of fantasy and fable to expand the boundaries of storytelling.

Elijah Labay

Elijah Labay, is an artist hailing from Victoria, BC. With his eight years at NW Dance Project, he showcased his choreographic ability, crafting original works and performing pieces by acclaimed choreographers worldwide. With Ballets Jazz Montréal, Elijah traveled and danced diverse repertoires performing works including "Soul" by Andonis Foniadakis. Notably, he premiered his solo “The Train that Moved Water” at Open Space in 2021, collaborating with dramaturge Charlotte Bydwell. As a freelancer Elijah has worked with kNowname Artist/Roderick George, LED, Salt, Salt 2, Open Space, Ballets Jazz Montreal, as well as others. Currently based in New York, Elijah is a freelance choreographer whilst studying graphic design.  He champions diversity and inclusivity in his artistic endeavors, infusing his choreography with multimedia elements and embracing interdisciplinary collaborations to redefine the boundaries of dance expression. 

Tiernan McKay

Tiernan grew up in McMinnville, Oregon where she discovered her love of dancing and choreographing at a very young age. This led her to training at a local studio and eventually to Northwest Dance Project where she first met Franco, Charlene, and Maeve. She feels privileged to be among the Open Space OG and to be given opportunities to express her artistic voice as both a dancer and choreographer. She will next study at The Gibney Summer Intensive in Manhattan before returning home to Portland. 

Open Space Artists
Sophia Mladineo
Elise Gonsalves
Annie Borden
Audrey Wells
ArielClarkeHeadshot (1).jpg
Ariel Clarke
Bryaunna Kostelnik
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