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We are thrilled to present Open Space's very first public theater performance! We have had an incredible time this past month working with such phenomenal artists, including our visiting choreographer, Keelan Whitmore, from Münster, Germany. His process has been beautiful to witness. He's been coaxing each dancer to dig deeply and bring  their full selves to the work with a demanding kindness. It is our mission to bring more love and inclusiveness into the dance world and Keelan's process embodies Open Space's philosophy. Mr. Whitmore is a sagacious and equitable leader for this next generation and we believe you will be blown away by his creation. 

Open Space will also perform confetti head.🎉🤯, a duet created for two of our Company Artists. Our Young Artists Co. will perform Noctambulist which plays with the idea of "sleep-dancing" and the fractured yet seemingly real interactions we have in our dreams; What We Learned, a duet which navigates each dancer's confined relationship to the pandemic; and taramoto waves, an ensemble piece investigating the concepts of an ever-changing environment. We are so proud of our dedicated students from The School at Open Space.

Thank you for being part of our blossoming community- we love dancing with you!

Big love,

Franco + Char + Maeve

Franco Nieto, Artistic Director

Charlene Hannibal, Co-Founder

Maeve Dougal, Co-Founder

Choreographer's note from Keelan Whitmore

This performance explores the meaning behind the Hero's journey. It has been inspired by Joseph Campbell's "The Hero with a Thousand Faces," as well as by research the dancers provided during the creative process. My gratitude abounds for the opportunity to continue exploring the concept of creative collaboration. I'm so appreciative of the dancer's commitment and pure brilliance. For the invitation and cultivation of an inclusive environment, I thank Charlene, Franco, and Maeve. And I want to thank Pam Erickson and Terrance Pancoast for their warm welcome and generosity.  

What We Learned (2021)

Choreography: Franco Nieto

Music: Syml

Dialogue: Dancers

Dancers: Cardin Chung + Zoe Ridgell

Noctambulist (2022)

Choreography: Charlene Hannibal

Music: Nocturnes, Op 9: No. 1 in B-Flat Minor and Op.37: No. 1 in G Minor by Frédéric Chopin

Dancers: Natalie Becker, Cardin Chung, Lydia DeWitt, Maeve Ethridge,

Sofia Gerencer, Lucia Hall, Zoe Karamfilova, Tiernan McKay, Sophia Nielsen, Zoe Ridgell, Ash Williams, Zavie Wilson 


confetti head. 🎉🤯(2022)

Choreography: Franco Nieto

Music: Travis Lake, Leo Delibes, Dos Santos, Gang Gang Dance

Dancers: Elise Gonsalves + Audrey Wells

taramoto waves. (2022)

Choreography: Franco Nieto

Music: James Blake and Endel, Lubomyr Melnyk, Ola Szmidt, Blick Bassy, Dick Dale & His Del-tones

Dancers:  Natalie Becker, Cardin Chung, Lydia DeWitt, Maeve Ethridge,

Sofia Gerencer, Lucia Hall, Zoe Karamfilova, Tiernan McKay, Sophia Nielsen, Elisa Trujillo, Ash Williams, Zavie Wilson

15 minute intermission

Who Lights the Sun? (2022)

Choreography: Keelan Whitmore in collaboration with the dance artists

Music: CoH, AGF, This World, James Forrest, Broken Souls, and René Aubrey-  Arranged by Ben Juodvalkis & Keelan Whitmore 

Performers: Aika Doone, Audrey Wells, Brendan Evans, Cardin Chung, Elise Gonsalves, Franco Nieto, Maeve Ethridge, Sophia Nielsen, Zoe Ridgell

Costumes and Alterations by Heather Treadway and Fuchsia Lin

This show was made possible thanks to the following donors. 

Alan + Sharon Jones

Allison + Peter Lyneham

Dr. Jessica Nokovic

Frank + Sarah Reppenhagen


Bristle Cone Pine Foundation

Pierre-Laurent Baudey + Serena Zilliacus

Alicia  Daly + Scott Fearon

Judith + David Dougal

Jamey Hampton + Ashley Roland

Susan + Tom Hannibal

Bill + Cindy Hunt

Andrea + Thomas Molloy

Shane Morris + AnnMarie Nava

Steve Neighorn

Frank + Kaelin Nieto

David Nokovic

Kelly O'Sullivan

Claire Olberding + Bryan Steelman

David+ Reegan Rae

Jeremy Sedita + Maya Strom

Mckinley Smith

Jane Tighe

Mikenzie Ames

Brittany Arnett

Laura Babcock

Nicole Bangs

Brandon Barnes

Janice Brinkerhoff

Annie + Brad Carnese

LeeWei Chao

Kim Miles + Mike Chopko

Brandon + Vy Chung

Jen + Danny Clancey

Amy Cooney

Melissa Hurley + Michael Davis

Andrew Ferroggiaro

Vilay Fortner

Malia + Nathan Freeburg

Alan + Magda Gerencer

George Michael Giglio

Christy + Jason Griffiths

Joey + Emily Harrington

Deborah Hasou

Chelsea + Gabe Heller

Erin + Mike Herrick

Samuel Hobbs

Bambi + David Kanekoa

Sysko + John Kiggins

Jihyun Kim

James Koved

Libby Landauer

Nicole + Zac Longaker

Hayley Mason

Linda + Malcolm Mathes

Kelly McCoy

Elena Mejia

Elliot Mercer

Jesse + Megan Milliken

Anthony Mitchell

Dan + Jackie Moore

Shane Morris

Daysha Nieto

Lindsay Nokovic

Dennis Noland + Lucinda Welch

Katherine Orloff

Cathy Percich

Colleen Rundle

Amanda Schollard

Dr. See-yin So

Christine Solomon

Dina Soriano

Jeri Swatosh

Michelle Swinehart

Darla + Ray Tomac

JC + Theresa Wikander

Kristan + Ross Williams

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Botanica Floral

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Open Space Support

About the Choreographers

Charlene Hannibal

Born and raised in Portland, Charlene trained at The School of Oregon Ballet Theatre for over a decade until joining OBT as an apprentice.  She also danced professionally with Company C Contemporary Ballet, The Oakland Ballet, Imagery and Berkeley City Ballet.  In addition to her classical and neoclassical repertoire, Ms. Hannibal has performed the work of Twyla Tharp, Antony Tudor, James Canfield, Patrick Corbin, Charles Anderson, Gregory Dawson, Michael Smuin, Paul Taylor, David Parsons, Amy Seiwert, Paul Vasterling, and Thaddeus Davis. Ms. Hannibal has taught ballet for Marin Dance Theatre, Contra Costa Ballet, Berkeley City Ballet, Portland Festival Ballet, Post:Ballet, BodyVox, and OBT. She was the Youth Ballet Director at NW Dance Project from 2018-2021.


Charlene is a classically trained pianist, and holds an English degree from UC Berkeley. She became a certified yoga instructor in Pahoa, Hawaii in 2001. She taught yoga in San Francisco throughout her tenure as a professional dancer. In 2011, after studying extensively with posture guru Esther Gokhale, Charlene became a posture teacher. An anthropologically-based practice aimed at helping those with back pain, Charlene has led hundreds of Gokhale Method seminars throughout Portland and the Bay Area. Currently, Ms. Hannibal resides in Portland with her husband Colin and their children Winston and Millie. 

Franco Nieto

Princess Grace Award winner Franco Nieto was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He made the unconventional switch from football to ballet in his teenage years and has now taught and danced in over 10 different countries and performed with the likes of Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John. He spent 10 years as a principal dancer with NW Dance Project in Portland, Oregon, where he toured the world and worked hand in hand with the leading minds in choreography to create and bring to life countless original works. His early training came from the Vancouver School of Arts & Academics and Columbia Dance, and his formative line of choreography was born from his mentorship with Tracey Durbin. He graduated with his BFA in Jazz from Point Park University. Franco brings his big heart to every class at Open Space


Keelan Whitmore

Keelan Whitmore trained at Rockford Dance Company and later graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in 1999. As a charter member of the Joffrey Ballet School/New School University, Whitmore continued his training with David Howard, Rebecca Wright, Trinette Singleton, Elanor D’Antuano, and John Magnus. 

In 2001, he was invited by artistic director William Whitener to join Kansas City Ballet. In 2004, Whitmore co-founded the Kansas City-based multi-disciplinary Quixotic Performance Ensemble with local media artist and musician Anthony Magliano. After departing Kansas City in 2006, Whitmore joined Alonzo King LINES Ballet where was involved in more than a dozen nationally and internationally touring creations over seven seasons. In 2007, he joined the Suzanne Farrell Ballet, traveling to the Edinburgh Dance Festival and also performing at the Kennedy Center. From 2014-2021, he was a member of Tanz Theater Münster, where he was awarded the prize for Outstanding Artist by the Gesellschaft der Musik- und Theaterfreunde Münsters und des Münsterlandes e.V.

Whitmore’s choreographic credits include creations with Joffrey Ballet School, Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training Program and B.F.A. Program, Kansas City Ballet Company and School, Quixotic Performance Ensemble, Virginia School of the Arts, Sonia Dawkin’s Prism, and Regional Dance America, which presented him with the National Choreographic Recognition Award in 2005. 

Whitmore is currently pursuing his M.A. in Arts and Cultural Management at the Leuphana University/Goethe Institute and is also the designated Coordinator of Community Outreach and Diversity with the new 2022/2023 Tanz-Company Theater Münster under the direction of Lillian Stillwell.

Company Artists
Aika Doone
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Audrey Wells
Brendan Evans
Cardin Chung
Elise Gonsalves
Maeve Ethridge
Sophia Nielsen
Zoe Ridgell