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Open Space presents SUMMER SOUP

Bringing different FLAVORS of dance together to make one delish dish. 

A dynamic dance show with LED + Open Space + FRIENDS

Featuring a World Premiere, "Over the Moon" by Lauren Edson, LED Boise. Also featuring works from Portland's very own special guests NØIR Chrisman, Emy Uno and Sophia Mladineo!

Open Space Artists //Audrey Wells, Annie Borden, Bree Kostelnik, Colleen Loverde, Elise Gonsalves, and Sophia Mladineo. 

LED Artists // Amanda ColangeloAudrey Wells, Cydney Covert, Colleen Loverde, Elise Gonsalves, and Evan Fisk.

Special Guest Artists // Emy Uno + NØIR Chrisman

Thank you to Oregon Contemporary for your partnership with Open Space. 

Thank you for being part of our blossoming community- we love dancing with you!

Big love,

Franco + Char + Maeve

Franco Nieto, Artistic Director

Charlene Hannibal, Co-Founder

Maeve Dougal, Co-Founder

OUTSIDER  (excerpt) Premiered June 2023

Choreographer: Franco Nieto 

Dancers: Audrey Wells, Elise Gonsalves, Colleen Loverde, Bree Kostelnik, Sophia Mladineo, Annie Borden, Emy Uno, NØIR

Thought Partner & Sound Design: Noelle Kayser

Music Composers: NØIR, Aseptic Void, The Muppets/Joanna Newsom, Blister Queen, BFRND, Foot Man Leg Man, Gazi Bulvari, Matias Aguayo, Travis Lake, Michael Wall, James Blake/Endei, Nils Schreiber, Benjamin Louis Brody/Ian Chang, Finn Ronsdorf/Lisa Harres. 


Choreographer + Dancer: NØIR

MusicUnami - Souffle De vie

Confetti Head.  🎉  🤯

This piece is a dark, yet playful piece. The idea originated from the saying "off with their heads". When doing research, kings and queens would behead those that they felt threatened by, people with new ideas of change. I feel like we all have been in a place where power has been abused and we must escape to another place, deep inside our head to survive. Maybe a happy place with field of wild flowers, or a wrestling match between our internal thoughts squeezed into metallic bodysuits. This was the world Confetti Head was created in. 

Choreographer: Franco Nieto

Dancers: Elise Gonsalves, Audrey Wells

Music: Travis Lake, Leo Delibes, Madison McFrrrin, Photay Dos Santos, Gang Gang Dance

Costume: Heather Treadway

Just the Two of Us. 

Choreographers + Dancers: Emy Uno, Sophia Mladineo

MusicCyrille Aimee & Diego Figueiredo


Complimentary beverages available in the Gallery 

Intermission Performance by NØIR Chrisman and Cardin Chung


Drawing inspiration from the classic children's book Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Over the Moon uses virtuosic movement and theatricality.It makes the "familiar" contend with "fantasy" in hopes of revealing the child-like nature in each of us.

Direction: Lauren Edson & Andrew Stensaas

Choreography: Lauren Edson

Music Composition: Andrew Stensaas, Elijah Jensen-Lindsey. 

Featuring Hit the Road to Dreamland by Betty Hutton, All I have to Do is Dream by the Everly Brothers, Jeepers Creepers by Johnny Mercer, Fumio by Your hand in Mine, Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy.

Costumes: Lauren Edson, Sponsored by Body Wrappers 

Dancers: Audrey Wells, Elise Gonsalves, Colleen Loverde, Franco Nieto, Cydney Covert, Evan Fisk, Amanda Colangelo, Franco Nieto
Musicians: Alex Sjobeck, Andrew Stensaas, Elijah Jensen-Lindsey, Michael Mitchell.


This show was made possible thanks to the following donors. 

David Nokovic

Regional Arts & Cultural Council

Alan + Sharon Jones

Allison + Peter Lyneham

Dr. Jessica Nokovic

Frank + Sarah Reppenhagen

Pierre-Laurent Baudey + Serena Zilliacus

Alicia  Daly + Scott Fearon

Judith + David Dougal

Jamey Hampton + Ashley Roland

Susan + Tom Hannibal

Bill + Cindy Hunt

Andrea + Thomas Molloy

Shane Morris + AnnMarie Nava

Steve Neighorn

Frank + Kaelin Nieto

Kelly O'Sullivan

Claire Olberding + Bryan Steelman

David+ Reegan Rae

Jeremy Sedita + Maya Strom

Mckinley Smith

Jane Tighe

Bristle Cone Pine Foundation

Mikenzie Ames

Brittany Arnett

Laura Babcock

Nicole Bangs

Brandon Barnes

Janice Brinkerhoff

Annie + Brad Carnese

LeeWei Chao

Kim Miles + Mike Chopko

Brandon + Vy Chung

Jen + Danny Clancey

Amy Cooney

Melissa Hurley + Michael Davis

Andrew Ferroggiaro

Vilay Fortner

Malia + Nathan Freeburg

Alan + Magda Gerencer

George Michael Giglio

Christy + Jason Griffiths

Joey + Emily Harrington

Deborah Hasou

Chelsea + Gabe Heller

Erin + Mike Herrick

Samuel Hobbs

Bambi + David Kanekoa

Sysko + John Kiggins

Jihyun Kim

James Koved

Libby Landauer

Nicole + Zac Longaker

Hayley Mason

Linda + Malcolm Mathes

Kelly McCoy

Elena Mejia

Elliot Mercer

Jesse + Megan Milliken

Anthony Mitchell

Dan + Jackie Moore

Shane Morris

Daysha Nieto

Lindsay Nokovic

Dennis Noland + Lucinda Welch

Katherine Orloff

Cathy Percich

Colleen Rundle

Amanda Schollard

Dr. See-yin So

Christine Solomon

Dina Soriano

Jeri Swatosh

Michelle Swinehart

Darla + Ray Tomac

JC + Theresa Wikander

Kristan + Ross Williams

Donors in kind


Botanica Floral

Connect Architecture


Eatin' Alive

Ecco Shoes
Janelle Faherty

Frankie and Coco PDX

Full Plate Farm

Fusion Landscape Design

Green Zebra

Hilary Finck Design

Jessica Schultz Pilates

Matthew Lueders Gyrotonic®

Louise Apparel



The Moth + Meghan Sinnott

Mississippi Studios and Bar Bar

Oregon Ballet Theatre
Oregon Brewery Running Series

Pacific Groves


Portland Women's Acupuncture
¿Por Qué No?

Real Good Food
Speck's Records and Tapes
Matthew Tomac

Shannon Walcott
Kristan Kelly Williams

White Bird

Open Space Support

About the Choreographers + Special Guest

Franco Nieto 

Princess Grace Award winner Franco Nieto was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He made the unconventional switch from football to ballet in his teenage years and has now taught and danced in over 10 different countries and performed with the likes of Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John. He spent 10 years as a principal dancer with NW Dance Project in Portland, Oregon, where he toured the world and worked hand in hand with the leading minds in choreography to create and bring to life countless original works. His early training came from the Vancouver School of Arts & Academics and Columbia Dance, and his formative line of choreography was born from his mentorship with Tracey Durbin. He graduated with his BFA in Jazz from Point Park University. Franco brings his big heart to every class at Open Space.

Lauren Edson 

Lauren Edson, originally from Boise, Idaho, is the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of LED. She is a dancer, award-winning choreographer, producer and director. She received her training at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and The Juilliard School and was a celebrated dancer with Trey McIntyre Project for many years. She returned to her hometown with the desire to build a community of artists and art-making practices that inspire risk-taking, greatness and sustainability.

Described as a “choreographer of the first rank,” by the Seattle Times, her works have been commissioned and presented by: The Kennedy Center (DC), Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival (MA), San Francisco Dance Film Festival (CA), Dance Camera West (CA), Winspear Opera House (TX), The McCallum Theater (CA), The Freeman Company (CA), Houston Metropolitan Dance (TX), Milwaukee Ballet (WI), Whim W’Him (WA), Ballet Idaho (ID), Northwest Dance Project (OR) and SALT Contemporary Dance (UT).

She received the 2022 Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, is a 2021 Alexa Rose Fellow, a two-time recipient of the ICA Performing Arts Fellowship (2015, 2021), winner of the Pretty Creatives International Choreography Competition, a United States Artist Fellowship nominee and recipient of the 2019 Washington Award for Excellence in Choreography.

In January 2015, she founded LED with her husband and composer, Andrew Stensaas and has continued to be at the forefront of artistic innovation, bringing Boise into a global arts conversation.

Described by the Seattle Times as “ an important addition to the art’s scene in the northwest" the company has been recognized by Dance Magazine as “25 to Watch” for 2020 an honor given to break out artists and companies of the year.

She is the mother to two beautiful boys; Finn and Liam.

Emy Un

Uno is a Dancer/Choreographer/Stage Director from Tokyo.
She has been teaching dance for around 15 years, and has collaborated with various well-known artists and dancers in Japan.
Uno's style was once originally Hip-hop based, but it has evolved into a mash-up of many different styles of dance. It can best be described as, fluid, soulful, and imaginative.

Sophia Mladineo

From a young age, Sophia Mladineo has held a deep curiosity towards life. Inspired by human nature,  dance, music, and conversation, she has found herself on various timelines. With open mindedness as a core value , she is always delighted to exchange and share.

As an integral part of her life, Sophia has been dancing since adolescence. Raised in Southern California, Los Angeles became a mecca for much of her training. Along the way, she has had the opportunity work with different choreographers and artists from many walks of life. The journey is always beginning. 


NØIR began dancing at 13 after being introduced to freestyle dance on YouTube and, through friends, got introduced to the local street dance community. From there he attended local events, competitions, and freestyle cyphers, quickly becoming an avid member of the dance community. NØIR trained at Groove Nation Dance Academy for 7 years and taught there as a main choreographer for 3 years, solidifying his choreography skills to be polished as much as his freestyle.

NØIR specializes in Hip Hop Freestyle, Popping, and Animation, but trains in a variety of other street/club dances as well. He believes in the importance of foundation and respecting the culture one partakes in, but also being true to who you are as an individual. Dance to him is about fun, but also expressing your true, authentic self.

NØIR’s past accolades and affiliations include Bang Bang Boogie winner, Lyfe Dance Company, Freshvibe, and Trail Blazer’s Rip City Dance Crew.

2022 dance photo_edited.jpg
Audrey Wells
Colleen Loverde
Bree Photo Open Space_edited.jpg
Bree Kostelnik
Elise Gonsalves
Annie Borden.JPG
Annie Borden
Sophia Mladineo 
Emy Uno
NØIR Chrisman
Cydney Covert
Amanda Colangelo
Evan Fisk
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