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To make a tax deductible donation make checks to Oregon Contemporary, with Open Space on memo line and send to:

1224 NE 37th Ave 97232

Contributions or gifts to OPEN SPACE LLC are not tax deductible. Any contributions received shall be considered gifts to OPEN SPACE LLC, which is a for profit corporation. Contributors will not receive any goods or services in exchange for their gifts. At the discretion of OPEN SPACE, gifts received will be used to build out The School facilities, and team.


Hello friends and community members, 


Char and Maeve here!  We have a VISION -- We want to create a dance school that celebrates  artistic expression and young people’s creative potential.  We honor the history and beauty of classical ballet, contemporary dance and the many inspiring teachers who came before us.  We believe in the power of the artform in and of itself--it’s passion, discipline, and experiential joy. We also believe in change. We want to offer children something we wished we had as young dancers. That is why we want to build the space within Open Space for that to happen.


We know when children are given opportunities, structure and encouragement, they can soar beyond their wildest dreams.  When we nurture students, we can listen to their unique voices and truly reach them as teachers.  We aspire to cultivate our students’ drive and help them to feel confident and grounded in their dedication to dance. We want to expose them to professional ballet training and beyond.  By offering our student body a wide variety of dance styles and somatic modalities, we know they will have a well-rounded experience.  We want our dancers to feel comfortable learning choreography, creating and improvising, and of course performing.  We believe that kindness and encouragement can go a long way.  Our young dancers will feel welcomed by our more seasoned students.  Our older dancers will be paired with professional mentors.  We will support our faculty’s ongoing education and cultivate a sense of camaraderie.  Our aim is that everyone involved with The School will know that they belong.


In order to realize this vision, we need your help.  Franco did an amazing job in getting our first studio up and running (thanks Francs!).  We need a second studio to realize our goal of having a fully functioning school.  We are committed to finding a location that is accessible to public transportation and that can serve a broad population.  We need more OPEN SPACE to create, celebrate and commune with one another.  We invite you to be a part of The School at Open Space--every little bit helps.  Thank you so very much for participating in our vision.


With our whole hearts, 

Charlene and Maeve

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